Infection Control

Premier Jatinegara Hospital is committed to reduce the infection occurence which is acquired from hospital. It is called HAIs (Healthcare Associated Infection) or Nosocomial Infection

Nosocomial Infection (HAIs) is the infection that is obtained from the hospital after patient admitted more than 48 hours. The transmission of infection could be obtained from patients, health care workers and hospital visitors. To prevent nosocomial infection, Premier Jatinegara Hospital created an Infection Control and Prevention Procedure Standard.

The standard that we conducted are, health care workers training done either internal or external, medical device tools in accordance with infection control standard and work safety,  medical device used for surgery is ensured to get adequate  sterilization process, food and water inspection done regularly so that the service that we give is ensured healthy and hygienic.

Other than the statement above, Premier hospital Jatinegara also conducted internal and external audit, where these audits for infection control has passed ISO 9001-2008 and Health Department National Accreditation of 16 service sectors, while external audits every year is conducted by an independent body from Australia, HICMR(Healthcare Infection Control Management Research) and the result of either an external or internal audit has been improving.

Infection control and prevention procedure standard that we have performed regularly and consistent, no other is to ensure that infection acquired from hospital could be prevented

Since 2001 :
The best achievement for  Infection Control Program from HICMR, Australia (Healthcare Infection Control Management Research).

Rumah Sakit JCI Accredited