Extracorporeal Shock Waves for Sexual Therapy (ESST) for erectile dysfunction management

Nowadays, erectile dysfunction often occurs to any adult man. Erectile dysfunction is an inability to erect the male genitalia or an inability to maintain an adequate erection for a sexual intercourse, in a recurrent manner.

Someone can’t be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction if unable to maintain an erection once or twice only.

An erectile dysfunction could happen to anyone, but when someone is aging, the occurrence of this problem is seen more. It occurs due to the abnormality of penis blood vessel which result in an inability to maintain an erection in a short period of time. Blood vessel abnormality could be caused by unhealthy life style such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise. Other factors that has an important role are nervous system impairment, hormonal imbalance, anatomy abnormality, psychological factor, medication, etc.

What is ESST?

ESST is a recent non invasive therapy to treat erectile dysfunction which aims to fix the blood flow that goes into the penis. This therapy uses shock wave low intensity outside the body that forms the new blood vessel on the penis.

How is the therapy procedure with ESST?

An ESST tool applicator will be placed in 5 points of the penis and given 300 times of shock wave. ESST therapy lasts for 9 weeks which is divided into 2 periods. The first period, therapy will be done twice in a week for 3 weeks. Then patient will be rested for 3 weeks prior to entering the next period. The second period, therapy will be done twice in a week for 3 weeks.

What is the advantage of ESST?

In accordance with the name of this tool, extracorporeal, so this therapy is performed outside patient’s body without any surgery or sedation and conducted within a short duration so that patient who undergoes this therapy could still normally active. This therapy could also replace medication for erectile dysfunction because it is more secure and effective.