Premier Jatinegara Hospital officially replaced the name of RS Mitra Internasional starting from 12th August 2010.

Premier Jatinegara Hospital is a private hospital that has become a health care referral for physicians and communities in need. Operated since March 25, 1989, Premier Jatinegara Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in East Jakarta with great advantages, including a commitment to quality, ease of access, service quality, and the broad range of specialist services and medical support equipments.

Health care coverage provided by Premier Jatinegara Hospital is a one-stop-service in which the consultation to physician, further examinations and investigation, surgical procedures, inpatient services, until the post-hospitalization can be performed in Premier Jatinegara Hospital.

Achievements of Premier Jatinegara Hospital since its establishment until now are the recognition of Premier Jatinegara Hospital’s commitment to the quality of health service. This will be carried forward in order to achieve the corporate vision and mission through our service values: Competent, Prompt, Precise, Hospitable, Proactive, and Consistent.

History of Premier Jatinegara Hospital
March 25, 1989 is when Premier Jatinegara Hospital started providing health services for the first time. On the initial operation, the bed capacity provided by Premier Jatinegara Hospital were 100 beds, with relatively complete and adequate supportive diagnostic equipment for the evolving medical technology at that time.

From 1991 to 1992, Premier Jatinegara Hospital made some changes and developments to the health care facilities. Among the improvements of facility is the availability of Angiography to complement the facilities in cardiac services and cardiac surgery, and ESWL to complement the Urology service facilities.

Years 1993 through 1995, the bed capacity in Premier Jatinegara Hospital was upgraded to 245 beds.
From 1997 to present, besides increasing its capacity to 280 beds, Premier Jatinegara Hospital completed its service facilities by the addition of NICU / PICU [ICU for infants and children], special ward for children, Stroke Unit, 3D Dynamic Ultrasound, MRI 1,5 Tesla, MSCT Scan, a parking building, outpatient building facilities, and many others.

During the years passed, the ownership of Premier Jatinegara Hospital has also changed. Starting on April 2005 to present, Ramsay Health Care as the largest health care service operator in Australia holds the ownership of Premier Jatinegara Hospital.

Changes in ownership of Premier Jatinegara Hospital did not lower our commitment to provide excellent service to our patients. This is proved by the efforts of Premier Jatinegara Hospital to continue providing improvements, monitoring, addition of facilities, and customer care services.

Commitment to Quality 
Provision of quality in health care services performed by Premier Jatinegara Hospital is not limited to medical personnel, but on the entire health care staffs and the whole hospital environment.

“Patient Safety Program” and “Infection Control Program” run in the Premier Jatinegara Hospital is the main priority, because both are fundamental and absolute aspects that should be performed by every medical and non-medical personnel working at Premier Jatinegara Hospital.
The quality of human resources working within Premier Jatinegara Hospital setting is also ensured by Premier Jatinegara Hospital Management to have competence in their respective fields. This started from recruitment to training, in order to improve the quality of the resources. A good and well-maintained quality of human resources is expected to provide services that meet international standards.

In order to anticipate changes occurring in hospital industry, Premier Jatinegara Hospital continues to perform continuous training activities. Among the various training activities, the “Customer Satisfaction” training is one that is performed on a regular basis.

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