dr. Antonius Hocky Pudjiadi, Sp.A(K)

dr. Antonius Hocky Pudjiadi, Sp.A(K)

Medica Qualifications/Experience:

  • RS Premier Jatinegara

Medical Education:

  • FK Universitas Indonesia
  • Continuing Proffesional Development
  • Pelatihan Tata Laksana Infeksi Dengue
  • The Role of Ganglioside (GA) in Brain Cell Connection
  • Siang Klinik Ilmu Kesehatan Anak
  • Sumatera Regional Scientific Meeting of Perdici
  • Scientific Meeting: What Doctors Should Know: Up Date on Diarrhea Management. What Is New?, Albendazol as a Treatment of Intenstinal Helmenthiasis
  • Penatalaksanaan Dengue Syok Syndrom Pada Anak dan Dewasa
  • 2nd Intrernational Symposium on Contingenital Anomaly
  • 2nd Intrernational Symposium on Contingenital Anomaly Multidiciplinary Management on Gastrointestinal & Hepato Billiary Anomalies
  • Probiotics Prophylaxis in Children with Persistent Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux
  • Symposium on Resuccitation New Guidelines
  • FCCS: Critical Care in Infants and Children The Basics
  • FCCS: Mechanical Ventilation (Pediatric)
  • Multidiciplinary Approach to Pediatric Feeding Difficulties
  • Siang Klinik XVII Hermina Hospital Group
  • Simposium Kegawatdaruratan Bayi dan Anak
  • The 1st National Symposium in Immunization
  • 2nd Indonesian PICU NICU Update
  • NIF Scientific Workshop
  • Simposium Ilmiah “Hot Topics In Pediatrics” Workshop: Clinical & Lab Presepective in Management of Diarhea and Cow’s Milk Allergy Diseases
  • Pelatihan Unit Kerja V, Tata Laksana Sindrom Syok Dengue
  • Asian Conference on Diarhoeal Diseases and Nutrition (Ascodd) XII
  • Basic Pediatric Mechanical Ventilator Course
  • In Recognition of Successful Completion of Basic Pediatric Mechanical Ventilator Course
  • ICU: Where Are We Now?
  • FCCS: Mechanical Ventilation
  • The 16th International Symposium on Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
  • FCCS: Critical Care in Infants and Children The Basics
  • Workshop: Pediatric Emergencies
  • KPPIA Workshop: Pediatric Emergencies
  • Research Ethics and Good Clinical Practice Training
  • Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan IV Ilmu Kesehatan Anak (4th Indonesian Pediatric Society Annual Meeting)
  • Meeting of Indonesian College of Pediatric Workshop
  • Pemantauan dan Deteksi Dini Gangguan Tumbuh Kembang
  • Clinical Management Updates in Pediatrics Emergencies (CUPE) 2010
  • 3rd Indonesia PICU-NICU Update
  • Ventilatory Support Practice in PICU-NICU Post Symposium
  • Workshop 3rd Indonesian PICU-NICU Update
  • Advanced Pediatric Resuscitation Course
  • New Advances Nutrition in Child Health
  • 5th Indonesia Symposium of Pediatric Anesthesia & Critical Care
  • Kursus Pediatric FCCS
  • The 12th Indonesian Critical Care Nurses Workshop Airway Management
  • Improvement of Quality, Quantity and Competency of Anesthesiologist
  • Update on Mechanical Ventilation
  • Siang Klinik Current Trend in Managing and Preventing Recurrence Upper Respiratory Problem With Sea Water
  • International Symposium on Probiotic and Prebiotic
  • KPPIK FKUI 2010: Improving Physician Competency to Achieve Patient Safety
  • Symposium Current Update on Comprehensive Management of Pediatric and Neonatal Cases
  • Live Surgery Current Update on Comprehensive Management of Pediatric and Neonatal Cases
  • Universal Coverage for Newborn Screening-A Critical Step
  • Towards Achieving Beyond MDG 4
  • NIF Scientific Workshop 2010 “Health Affect By Modulating IntestinalFlora in Children”
  • 2nd Regional Symposium: The Importance of Probiotics for The Infant Intestinal Health and Comfort
  • 1st Indonesian Advanced Ventilator Workshop
  • Simposium Nasional dan Workshop  “New Paradigm in Pediatrics and Emergency”
  • Perioperative Course
  • Seminar & Pelatihan Ilmu Kesehatan Anak terkini 2011
  • Penyakit Anak Dalam Praktek Sehari-hari
  • Simposium Selekta dan Workshop Kapita Selekta Ilmu Kesehatan Anak
  • Advance in Mechanical Ventilation Workshop
  • Crisis Resource Management Effective Teamwork and Decision Making
  • 3rd Asia Pasific Advance Fluid Therapy Conference
  • The 6th World Congress on Pediatric Critical Care
  • The 3rd Congress of European Academy of Pediatric Societies
  • Quality Management Training
  • 22nd Annual Congress European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  • International Short Course in Data Management an Biostatistics

Professional Memberships:

  • Anggota Ikatan Dokter Indonesia
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